Honey Makes Communities Better

Once upon a time honey connoisseur called Nature Nate saw a need in the South Dallas community of Bonton. In the 1.6 square miles of this urban community, officially labeled as a “food desert,” lived close-knit people with no nearby grocery store and no transportation to get to one. Gas station options led to early onset disease. Without opportunity to eat healthy, and without the ability to change things, discouragement ran high in Bonton. All they needed was someone to believe in them.

That’s how Bonton Honey Company was formed. Not only is honey itself a lesson in sustainability, it also became an opportunity to learn how to run a business. Residents began signing up to volunteer as apprentices to learn how bees work together to thrive. They learned sales and marketing practices of a successful company and the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Bonton Honey tells the story of how one community has bottled hope, and as a result, changed their lives and the lives of their children for generations to come.


There’s nothing sweeter than the rewards of hard work, which is what makes this rich, amber honey possible. When the time is right, honey is collected and harvested, then warmed up just enough and gently strained, never filtered, to remove particles. This leaves behind all of the delicious pollens, creating a top-notch honey worthy of a lot of buzz.


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